Sliding Window Restrictor: LCK971

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Restrictor to suit the Breezelock on Jason Residential Sliding Windows. The restrictor fits into the breezelock wedge. See description tab below for more information
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Restrictor to suit the Breezelock on Jason Residential Sliding Windows.

The restrictor fits into the Breezelock wedge (LCK97)

Do I Need Window Restrictors?

In order to protect children’s safety throughout the country, the NCC has implemented regulations that restrict the opening
space of windows above the ground floor. Since 2013, any window that has a fall of 2 metres or more should be restricted so that a sphere of 125mm (12.5cm) cannot pass through the opening at a force of 250N or 25kg of force. This space is large enough to allow some air to flow into your upper rooms while being small enough to protect your children from falling. These changes came into effect during 2014 in Western Australia.

How do I Avoid Window Restrictors?

If you would like more airflow through your upper floor levels, there is a solution. The National Security Screen Association (NSSA) states that any security screen with sufficient strength and design (in accordance with NSSA standards) can be fitted to upper-level windows in order to change or remove window restrictors. By fitting a properly classified security screen to your upper-level windows you can have the window restrictors removed and open your windows all the way, letting more
air into your home.

Jason Security Screens

Jason Windows offer security screens that comply with fall regulations and are designed to fit your existing Jason frames seamlessly. Contact the Jason Windows Security Team for a quote. Best of all, we can provide a quote without inconveniencing you with a house visit!

Security Screen Quote Request

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